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PIXMA iP7250 Prints outlines of fonts instead of Solid text


Dear Canon community (and maybe service team),
I'm having the same issue with my  Canon Pixima iP 7250  under  MacOS X Catalina 15.10.7 
I allready updated / downloaded all drivers anew that I could find for this model but it still prints outlines.
What are your recommendations?



(PS.: prints via USB with the same outcome: outlines only.)



What drivers version did you download and install?  

Bay Area - CA
~6D2(v1.1.1) ~Many Lenses ~DxO PhotoLab Elite ~Windows10 Pro ~EVGA RTX 3080Ti FTW3 Ultra ~ImageClass MF644Cdw ~Pixel6 ~R5C On Order

hey Rick,
Honestly, It’s hard to reconstruct what piece of software associated with this model by Canon I did not download and install. At least I deleted most of it later. But the last actual driver I tried was “iP7200 series CUPS-Printer Driver v. (Mac)”
What do you say?

(other pieces of software I tried somewhat randomely were


The is the correct driver for Catalina OS 10.15.7

Do all documents / files print with this behavior, or just certain files or ones from a certain source or location?

Can you provide an image of the text for us please.



Bay Area - CA
~6D2(v1.1.1) ~Many Lenses ~DxO PhotoLab Elite ~Windows10 Pro ~EVGA RTX 3080Ti FTW3 Ultra ~ImageClass MF644Cdw ~Pixel6 ~R5C On Order


this photo has undergone a bit too much contrast enhancement though:
the text is actually rather grey than black, propably because it is a very small font [around 6 - 7 pt] and the outlines 'meet in the middle' leading to the impression of 'normal but grey' letters.

this occurs on PNG, pixel- and vector-PDFs alike.

this (attached) is the printout (greyscale mode) of a screenshot (PNG) of a vector-PDF.
Printing from my partners' Mac OS X 10.13.6 High Sierra leads to similar results.
color prints look regular (if slightly dissaturated)

thank you a lot for looking into this!