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PIXMA TS8120 printing blank pages


My printer started printing only blank pages. My other printers had a hard reset that could be performed on them by pressing a combination of keys, but this printer uses an LCD screen so there is no 'stop' key to use to perform a hard reset. I cannot find any information on this issue or what to do about it and would appreciate any help



Blank pages:


Resulting from problem with the printer's software: Problem with the print driver.  Try removing the printer and software from your system and reinstalling with the latest drivers for your OS.


Resulting from the printers hardware:  Using non-Canon brand ink, or lack of use, ink system has become clogged.  A deep cleaning might help.  If using non-canon ink, replace with canon specific inks. 

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Thanks for your reply. I should have stated that I did deep clean the print heads and checked that they are not clogged. I will uninstall and reinstall printer and give that a try and let you know if it worked. 

Thanks again and Happy Thanksgiving. 

I tried reinstalling the drivers but it still does not print. Since I cannot find a way to do a hard reset, I think I'll have to get another printer and will make sure it does not have an lcd screen this time. Thanks for the advice.