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PIXMA TS6020 Error Code 1030: Paper Jam


Our printer keeps saying it has a paper jam but there is no jam. We have followed the steps many times to clear the jam but there's nothing there. We've tried turning it off and unplugging it but when we turn it on again it reverts back to the error code and it seems there's no way to reset it. I tried calling Canon but since we bought the printer in 2017 we are outside of the 1-year warranty window so the automated system hangs up on us. If we need to get a new printer I'd like to at least send this back to Canon so they can refurbish it rather than trashing it. Is there an address where I can send it? Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks.



this worked for me. HOLD DOWN the OK button and then the ON switch at the same time and keep holding down until it turns on all the way...

Worked for me. I had tried all  the other "fixes."


same here I tried everything 

I don't have OK button, it's just ON,HOME,CANCEL,STOP, BLACK AND COLOR 

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