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PIXMA TS3522 how to print 8" x 10" photos


How can you sell a photo printer where people are locked into sizes?? I bought this crap printer and when I tried to print some 8x10's I couldn't. I tried everything, trying to set to A2 8.5x11 nothing works. I am glad I got this thing cheap for 35$ from Walmart black Friday, this print isn't worth 35$ if you can't use it HOW YOU WANT TO. I will never buy Canon ever again!



I purchase this printer last month and notice it kept printing 4x7 photos I been playing around with it some how I got it to print a 8x10 but for got the steps, and trying to print another 8x10 I should not have to go thru this with a printer 8x10 is a normal   print size not4x7 and the information about it only printing these of beat size's was no where on the box why 

Thanks for  replying. The reason it is not printed on the box, is because Canon is a crappy company. Even after I submitted info they requested, now MONTHS later no replies, nothing, worse customer support.

I have since given the printer away to a charity and they even said it is cheap worthless and the printer was no better. My advise is to avoid Canon in the future.

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