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PIXMA TS3322 Out of Ink After 5 Pages, Doesn't Recognize Replacement Ink Cartridges


I have a TS3322 printer. I installed everything and printed out 5 pages then. the printer claimed it was out of ink, so I purchased new ink and replaced it. Now the printer still doesn't recognize the new ink says it is out of ink. what can I do????? As we all know ink is not cheap and I can't afford to replace ink every time I print anything. HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




What is the history of this device?  Is this a brand new printer? If so, you have the option to contact Canon.  

You can try to uninstall and reinstall the printer.  Then test again.    If new, I'd be inclined to exchange it with the retailer or place of purchase if you experience further difficulty.

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I had an issue with an ink set for my Pro 200.  One of the ink carts was for EU market and my printer would not recognize it.  I called cannon I received a new ink cart in 2 days. Very happy with cannon's response.

The electronics of new printers are complex.  If you could return the printer for a new one that's what I would do.  If not start restart the process of setting up the printer as if you just took it out of the box.



I have the TS3322, it requires a 245 black and 246 color.  Check your cartridges 


This happened to two I bought (returned the first for the second) and I'm so mad!! Bought ink refill and it STILL won't print even though the cartridges- the ones that came with it and are the correct numbers- are full. I made an account just so I could say I HATE this company!