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PIXMA TS302 Setup Questions


I just bought this printer on Amazon and it looks like it could be very nice, but it came with no instructions whatsoever and the CD, although it said it was for both OSmac and Windows, it had no mac files on it so it was not usable.       

So I went on Canon support to get a manual and they seem to have them but only on operating after it's all set up.  I have no way of knowing how to load the ink or even open it to FIND the place.  I need a diagram with what to do but cannot find one on line.

So then I went to download a driver, thinking I could get info there. But when I typed in the Pixma ts300 it said it didn't exist -- only a 302 or something close.  So I figured maybe I could use that.  But the highest OS they had a driver for was 10 and I have OS 12.0.1

I was about to send it back, thinking this was just not going to work for me but I thought I'd try and get help here first.   Can anyone help me.  Is this compatible with my Macbook pro or should I just get another brand?



Posting this as a reply because I see no way to edit my first post.  I just looked at the box and the printer is a Pixma TS302 and not a 300.  The CD says 300 so that's what I thought I had.   I'm guessing that's why the CD is not compatible.

The PIXMA "TS300" designation refers to the family of printers your PIXMA TS302 belongs to.  The model number will vary depending on what country or region you buy your printer in.  For instance, if you bought yours in North America, it's most likely a PIXMA TS302; customers in Europe will buy the PIXMA TS305.  Some of the software is shared across the TS300 family, so what you've got should work for your PIXMA TS302.

Hope this helps!


Is there anybody here?  I really need to get some info.  Does anyone know someone at Canon I can call to try and get this solved?

Hi, 4earth!

Thanks for posting on our forum! This community is designed for your fellow Canon owners to help each other out with any problems they may encounter. If this is a time-sensitive matter, click HERE search our knowledge base or register your Canon gear HERE to access additional support options.

Thanks and have a great day!


You said to "be sure and get official Canon product support",  but how?   I have been surfing all over your pages and your discussion boards to try and get someone to help me with a new Pixma TS302 that came with absolutely no instructions and a CD for the driver that is not Mac compatible even though it says it is for both OS and windows, but all the files on it are Windows files.   When I went to your download site, to get a downloadable driver, the highest OS it said it had a driver for was OS10.  That's a pretty old OS.  I have 12.0.1 on my system and I know there is a newer one. Anyway, I couldn't find anything there.

So then I thought I'd see if I could download a manual or something.  Mind you I had opened the box and there were only 3 things in it.  1)The printer, all taped up with no visible way to open it without fear of breaking something, 2) the CD that is windows only and 3) a box with the wire to plug it in and 2 packets of ink.   That's it.  No other info.  The outside box had a few drawings of people using the features, but no instructions.

I do not even know how to open the printer, put in the ink, or determine what all the buttons mean.  All your online manuals have no diagram of the printer saying which buttons do what (most are just icons, no words).   The online manuals just talk about how to scan or make it do some other thing assuming it's already running ....nothing to tell me how to set it up, get a driver, how to know where to put the ink, since there are no illustrations. When I typed in "set up manual" all I got was information about setting up the software, which I don't have, and not about physically setting up the physical actual unit.

The is SO frustrating!  I joined the discussion community yesterday out of desperation,  but I seem to be the only person posting there.   I got no replies.  (I'm used to the Mac boards where you get replies in minutes!)   I got up this morning hoping for answers, but ....nothing.

So what can I do?  How can I get a driver and manual?  I'm going to give this a couple of days on here and if I can't get any answers this puppy is going back to Amazon and I will get some other with directions and a Mac compatible driver. I really need a printer and I'm losing hope for this one.

I saw your post and decided to make one last effort to get information.  I figure if  Mr/Ms CanonUSA Administrator won't help me no one will.   So 2 days then.  --Cheers



Catalina v10.15 was the last officially supported OS for this model.  It may work with Monterey, but understand that there are no drivers available, so functionaly and control might be basic or limited.  

Downloads are available here:

Support | TS Series - Inkjet | PIXMA TS302 | Canon USA

The software available for Monterey is limited.



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Hi.   Try for the information you may need to understand what's going on.  You might want to consider returning it to Amazon if you have Ventura or plan to get that OS.  See my reply to shadowsports below.   - Sandy


Thanks, Rick.  Canon hadn't told any of us about this, those of us who have registered our TS302 models.  Mine has been extra wonky since Ventura OS landed.  It's probably ready for the recycler.  

Sandy also in the Bay Area