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PIXMA TR8620 Printing but not printing - Spits out blank or partially-printed pages


My TR 8620 printer has developed a rather strange problem that I'm at loss to resolve. It's less than a year old and had been using it with an older Sony VIAO laptop running Win10, as well as my old Galaxy Note 9, without any issues. I upgraded to a Lenovo Thinkpad Running Win11, as well as a Galaxy S23 Ultra and both were working fine. I ran out of ink and didn't use it for a while. I just put in all new ink tanks (280) and it won't print my documents. Well, it does, sort of, I either get a blank page or part of my document, like the first paragraph in an off color but not the black & white I specify nor the rest of my document. It prints the nozzle check, head alignment & info just fine. There are no error messages. The copy does not work either, that just spits out blank pages whether it's from the feeder or scanner. I've tried numerous devices with the same results. I've tried upgrading drivers, resetting everything, and still won't print. I've tried WiFi, and direct cable connect. Nothing. Can anyone help with this?



I've run into the same type of problem with this printer. I have the TR8620a and when we first got it, had no problems printing pdf files from both my pc and the canon android app.

Then we needed to get new cartridges and ever since then when we try to print pdf files or text documents, it generates very poor quality prints, as if the ink cartridges are all clogged and nothing is coming out. Like you I can print the nozzle check pattern and it comes out just fine.

What is weird is I can take a screen shot of what I want to print (for example, an ebay printing label from a PDF file), paste that image in Microsoft Paint, save it as an image, and when I print the image, it works just fine.

I wrote a similar question to yours but with no response.

Just curious if you replaced your ink with Canon ink cartridges or did you use non canon cartridges?