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PIXMA MX870 says paper is jammed but there is no paper in it


I keep getting an error message that says the rear paper is jammed. There is no paper in the machine anywhere. This printer is only a month old.



I too am having this problem on a Pixma MG2920. It started when there was a page stuck at the output tray. It wasn't really jammed but it hadn't fully ejected the page so I can forgive the printer for thinking it was jammed.


I unplugged printer from USB and power. Followed all instructions. This is a small printer and it is easy to see that no paper is jammed in the printer. I plugged it all back in. I pressed Start (it seemed to "remember" that it was jammed).


I've repeated this process numerous times. As far as I can tell this machine will never print again.


This was my first Canon printer in decades. First the WiFi stopped working and I had to use USB. This happened almost immediately after purchasing. But I kept it and printer about 50-100 pages over the time I've had it. I get lost of errors and mysterious problems. I am just pretty unhappy. Today I am going to have to run out and purchase a new printer since this one is dead and I absolutely have to print a bunch of stuff from home today.


To be fair this was an inexpensive printer. But still I would have expected that it would work as advertised for at least 1000 pages or so.


I have a Canon MG2922 (purchased a few months ago and just put in new ink cartridges). Printed one page of a six-page document and stopped, insisting that there was a paper jam. I can see the entire paper path. There is NOTHING THERE!


Yes, I turned it off and unplugged the machine for 10 minutes. I even watched the video hoping I had missed something (


Should have purcahsed an HP, but the store was all out and I was in a bind. THIS IS JUNK - JUNK I PAID $65 FOR AND ANOTHER $50 FOR THE INK!!!


You have ruined my last homework assignment and I will never recommend your products at work now or in the future.


Never again Canon...never again.


I am encountering the same issue with my MG2922. It is frusterating but honestly for the price to buy the XL refill ink cartriges I can just go buy another printer. That is actually why I have this one. I went to Walmart to buy ink for my last printer and this one was cheaper than the refills and included WiFi. No big deal, I'll just buy another one today.

Same issue I have got canon 4250 and the printer is telling me jam at rear of out but no paper!

This is the second canon pixel MG2950S I've bought and the same thing has happened saying paper stuck when there is no paper stuck I've tried unplugging printer same thing happens the paper crunches up and won't print I have tried every thing even buying new ink I would not recommend this printer to any one and certainly won't be buying another as I've bought two in one year

Hi, Hazelqwer!

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Canon imageClass MF229dw, one year old, second toner cart

Problem - Printing off-axis on second-side print, paper jam error notice with no easy-to-find jam


We recently noticed that the printed second-side on a two-sided job was running askew, off-angle by several degrees. We ran numerous tests. The support chains offered nothing. Canon Support told us to make sure we were using a surge protector and "laser printer-rated" paper. Of course we use a surge protector. We bought laser-printer-rated paper. Nothing changed. Useless support, Canon. Then the printer stopped functioning altogether reporting a paper jam. We could not find any jam. 


Noting that someone in this chain mentioned taking a flashlight to the task of finding the paper jam we up-ended the laser printer on a soft surface and accordioned it out. We removed the toner cart. Above the toner cart is a small aquamarine tab. Dropping that and looking in we found our culprits. There *was* a paper jam, very difficult to find. Someone with small fingers was able to work the pages out. 


Once both pages were removed, the printer worked as it should. The askewed second side print was fixed. The jam error-notice went away. 


So for Canon, if a second-side print is printing at an odd angle (while the first page is fine), this might be indication that there is a deep paper jam or a piece of paper caught deep in the rollers otherwise not triggering the sensors.  


This has been an otherwise fantastic printer over the past year. After much research we settled on this unit with high hopes for long life. Family members have gone out and grabbed units of their own. We are grateful for this support chain. We have been disappointed with Canon's depth of support. I would bet we're not the first to face this problem. 


Hey there, I know it has been a while since your problem occured, though I have happened to me recently and I want to let you know I have found a solution. 



Some plastic paper dropped in the paper tray a while ago, I thought I had it removed completely but the error kept occuring. 



I folded a clean A4 sized paper vertically and wiped it through the bottom of the paper tray (into the inner printer) a small piece of ripped plastic came out. No error since. Though.. I messed up my printer and doesn't print like it used to:(


Hope it helps anyone.


Same thing had printer less that a month when said paper jam when there was none, tryied every thing but nothing will make it work. Used it very little and will never buy a canon again!!!!!! hate stuff made in China, no good.

Same, I Have the MG5750 printer and it says "Paper Jammed" - I've tried cleaning all the paper, but still it says there is paper jammed even though I cannot see any paper. Any Solutions?
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