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PIXMA MX525 Can't print in A6, please help!


Every time I try to print an A6 (14.8 x 10.5 cm) document on A6 paper, the paper size reverts back to A4. 

I'm using LibreOffice 7.3 (but the issue replicates in other word processors) - my page is set to A6 size, and print preview displays correctly.  However, when I press print, despite setting the page size to A6 (custom), and the paper size to A6 (custom) in Printer Properties, it still prints as if it was A4.  I've tried changing the default printer settings to A6 but this makes no difference.  I don't have this issue if I export the document as a pdf and print from a browser, so I know my printer is capable of printing on A6.

Can anyone please help? It's driving me crazy!Everything shows as A6, except the preview which says A6 but shows A4 dimensions?!Everything shows as A6, except the preview which says A6 but shows A4 dimensions?!

Canon MX525 with latest drivers and firmware. Win10 x64



I have the same exact issue. I try to print pictures on A6 paper. I can set this custom size as above but when reaching the printing window, it reverts to A4. Not trying to print from LibreOfffice, but from the defautl Windows photo gallery app.

The only workaround I found was to do as @Confused88 above (thank you!!), turn it to a PDF and print from my PDF reader. From there, for some reason it keeps the A6 custom size.

Very very annoying. Win 11 Pro, printer is a Canon TR4580. Drivers up to date.

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