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PIXMA MX490 Error B204 across multiple printers


I was scammed by canon USA. My mx 490 gave me a b204 contact support error. I contacted support after paying the subscription fee to get the contact info. Support told me to cut the printer off and unplug it for 20 seconds the reboot. I did. The b204 code remained… support said there’s nothing that can be done it was internal and would need replacing and graciously applied the fee to the new cost since he couldn’t help. I got my new printer and kept the old one. I put new ink cartridges in it and it was like nothing ever happened. Canon stored the b204 error on my ink cartridges so I could be sold a new printer. That’s against the law



That's not how that works. Your ink cartridges don't have an internal memory. If you recently got a replacement for your MX490 that is another MX490 from the Canon Upgrade Program, and you're having an issue with it, we encourage you to register it at, and then reach out to support so they can help. All products purchased directly from Canon USA have a one-year warranty.

The printer I had the b204 error code with was a mx490. Canon support sold me a mx4720 as an upgraded version. And the ink cartridges do more than one would expect. That error was on those ink cartridges because I put them in another Mx 490 and it did the same thing. The cartridges help keep count of prints as well… the Mx 4720 ran out of toner, and I refilled it…. The printer then printed blank sheets like it was out of ink, but would print black in the maintenance values only. Canon has them programmed to print a set number and no more, doesn’t matter how much ink is in them. 

We only guarantee brand new, genuine Canon ink cartridges will work in your printer. We do not support refilling cartridges. 

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