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PIXMA MG7720 Lines on Shipping Label Come Out Squiggly


Have a what I call, an old Canon PIXMA MG 7720. Not sure how many years I’ve had it but it must be at least 7 or 8. I love it BUT, now can not print a shipping label as the line come out squiggly and not clear, or one of those small square whatever their called things that you hold up to fed x , ups, etc for them to scan for shipping. YES, I have added new ink cartridges, used every cleaning option given. NO, I have not and can not( would not know how) taken apart to clean manually. I WENT ONLINE to hopefully purchase a what I would call new, old stock and up popped brand new and extremely expensive ( some in the 4 to 5 hundred range) Canon Pixma MG 7720 printers. I understand that my old one was more than like upgrades over time BUT why would the number still be 7720 just like my old one. As you can imagine and you would be correct I am not “ tech savvy “ but I am not completely stupid either. So, #1)  any ideas about what I can do to be able to print lines and those square codes  OR #2) any ideas about where I can purchase a NEW one identical to my OLD one for a reasonable price? Thanks in advance for any help or ideas. Chris



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John Hoffman
Conway, NH

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