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PIXMA MG5770 shows support code when I try to scan


Whenever I tap the power button, the printer gives a support code error. I have tried to reset it by pressing the stop button five times, but after a while, the light on the power button and the warning light start to blink and nothing happens. However, I accidentally pressed the stop button four times and found out that the printer was showing the menu. But I cannot connect using USB anymore, and hence, I cannot scan it either. I think it's worth mentioning that my cartridge is totally empty, and I didn't feel the need to change it since I don't use it anymore. But I need to scan some important documents. Is there any way I can accomplish that without much trouble?

By the way, if I turn it off, it doesn't want to turn on again. I have to connect and disconnect the power cable multiple times for it to open again.