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PIXMA MG5620 Drivers for Windows 11


Bought a new HP PC because Windows 11 wouldn't install/accept on a perfectly good computer. Canon PIXMA-MG5620 won't/doesn't install on the new PC with Windows 11... I'm seeing that I'm not alone on this boat, does Canon have a fix for this Windows 11 issue?



Have you tried installing the MG 5620 with the Windows 10 driver?

I have an MG 5420 that works perfectly in Windows 11 with the 10 driver.

Hello Normadel,

My son came over today and attempted the MG 5620 and then the 5600 series version which he tried last weekend... nothing installed. TROUBLESHOOTING showed that my new PC with Windows 11 was "seeing the printer" but wasn't installing. I mentioned something about my wifi updates... he did that lightbulb motion with his finger up in the air and looked at my current printers firmware... was still running the firmware that he installed years ago when we first got it the printer.  He then remembered/said when someone called him with a support issue the first thing they would ask was if that person had the newest printer firmware installed. He then unplugged the cord from the PC to the printer, updated the wifi, updated the printers firmware, and ran a test page that was available... it worked. We didn't bother plugging in the printer cord from the PC to the printer because it worked for us via wifi. After trying all the downloads, the one that worked for "us" was: mp68-win-mg5600-1_01-ejs 

I said to write down what he used because I wanted to share with y'all what worked for us... he also mentioned to update the printer firmware. I'm hoping this might help some with the printers not. I appreciate your input/response.


Hello Normadel, 

My said the Windows 10 drivers should work but didn't with the 11 on my PC. I submitted "our fix" to the Community.