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PIXMA MG2522 Poor print quality


Recently switched to cannon for printing I'm starting to regret could use some help from the community or cannon themselves my printer is not printing photos well at all the set up has been exhausting tring to learn the proper settings for it to even print as my default I've read the manual watched the videos and the quality  of the prints are just terrible even regular  words. What is the print processer I should be using for colored photos on glossy as well as regular  paper and what custom color filters or advanced setting do I need to apply in order to get some actual results. I know this is  a cheaper modle but am I wrong to think I should be getting better quality than I am cause the photos aren't even coming were you can make out what it is

#Canonprinters #pixmaMG2522 #SHOULDISWITCH



hi i am sorry to hear you are having this problem but i am as well. Anytime i need to print on glossy sticker paper the color is just so off and i cant use them for customers. Please let me know if you figure it out. I will do the same if someone responds to my post as well. Because honestly i am ready to throw this printer out the window. i have so many customers waiting for orders and i refuse to s3nd them the results that this printer is doing.

good luck


Hey! I'm sorry to hear you're having print quality issues. Since your business is relying on the quality, you might want to give our team a call. Register your printer at first, then call 800-OK-CANON (800-652-2666). Phone support is free during the warranty. 

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