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PIXMA IP8720 White Flashing light / Attention Required (uncheck 'Prevent Paper Abrasion')


I have solved this but I am posting it here because I could not find the answer anywhere on the internet and I just wasted an entire night pulling my hair out trying to figure it out so i hope this can help someone somewhere. The printer has no LCD screen or anything that gives any sort of specific message about what is wrong--you just have to go by the amount of times the orange light blinks-- so it is really frustrating.


Problem is , it wasnt blinking at all, just the white power light was blinking and it said "attention required" on my windows 10 machine.


I am not sure why but unchecking 'Prevent Paper Abrasion' solved it. Not sure why, or how, or why this option would even be available if it would throw my printer into such a spazzy fit. This can be marked as solved, I just wanted to post for everyone's info.


ps, this printer is amazing when it works.


keywords blinking white light , no orange light, no error code, attention required, canon ip8720 , problem , prevent paper abrasion, advanced options 

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