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PIXMA G4210 leaking ink and inaccurate trouble code


Printer Pixma G4210

I am TRYING to install my printer. The ink has leaked everywhere - the desk under the printer, nearby objects, the floor, my hands (SMURF blue). I filled the refillable cartridges to the top because the arrows on the front indicated that's what I should do. How can I stop/prevent this? -- Will the printer work with half filled cartridges? While I was searching for the product code I tipped the printer on it's side so I could check the bottom

Trouble code 6000 - appeared on the printer menu which is for a paper jam. There was no paper in printer. So I added paper and still got Code 6000. And yes I put the paper in correctly. I turned printer OFF/ON several times, reinstalled from disk twice, unplugged power cord. I still got the same error code

I had difficulty installing with a wireless connection so I switched to disk installation

Files installed on computer from disk:

One of the files "autorun' has the following code:




The other installed file is 'MSETUP.checksum.' which contains the files: .exe, .dll, .ini, .bmp





The printer is never intended to be tipped or tilted onto its side.  Especially once you have put ink in it.  


Instructions for refilling is here:


Canon Knowledge Base - Refilling Ink Tanks - G4210


Brand new printer - If you have Ink everywhere, the tanks were overfilled, or might be due to tipping it on its side.  I'd concentrate on cleaning things up before worrying about installing the printer.  


Error 6000 is a general error - Not necessarily a paper jam:


Canon : PIXMA Manuals : G4000 series : 6000


Ink spilled inside the machine can cause other problems.


The information you listed are not errors, these are the content of files on the printers installation media.  You'll need to get the printer into a functional state, (able to turn on without errors) before you can proceed.  Even if unintentional, you may have damaged the printer.

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I recommend you contact Canon support at 1-800-OK-CANON (1-800-652-2666), Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM EST excluding holidays.


You will need to have a Canon account when you call. If you have not created account, please click HERE: