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No Driver for TR8620 Means No Color Matching


I just spent 5 hours trying to troubleshoot how to print out a small photo with accurate colors. My photo printed very dark and not at all like the bright, colorful photo on my monitor.  My Print dialogue box, evidently, is the generic Mac driver dialogue, not the Canon driver dialogue, and mine does not offer Color Matching. I seem to be stuck with ColorSync, according to the error message I keep getting. (I am on an iMac desktop & Catalina 10.15.7).
Sadly, there is no driver available for my TR8620, which I have only had for a little over a year. I spent weeks researching printers with my top priority being color photos.. and I am not able to print even remotely acceptable color photos! (sigh) .. I am lost when it comes to selecting color profiles, be it on my iMac, or Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom. I was trying to do the 'Profile Managed by Printer' option, and that is where I went downhill searching for Color Matching and not using ColorSync.

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