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New PIXMA G5020 doesn't appear to print


I needed a new Canon last week because my former Pixma TR7520 ink cartridge broke. I looked for a similar replacement, but i didn't find one, so I purchased the Pixma, which has large bottles of ink. Their main attraction was that the initial ink would be good for up to 7000 pages. That sounded good.

The "Getting Started" pamphlet that came with the printer was fairly clear, and there is a Canon Printer online instruction booklet on the internet which is at least 200 pages long.

We loaded the ink in the printer without spilling a drop, and we became familiar with the Online Setup, until we got to the "Loading Paper" section. This was familiar with my past printers, which told me how to load the cassette, and then load a couple of sheets, to test the printer. I got to the place that said I was "Ready to Print" I expected that when I pushed the OK button, I'd get a printed page. However, nothing happened. There was noise inside the printer, but nothing came out. I looked in all of the printed matter that I had, but there was no information at all describing what I should get when I pushed the OK button.


I don't know what to do. My next step would have been to connect my new printer to my desktop by loading a furnished CD-ROM, but it doesn't seem logical that nothing would happen with the paper that was put into the cassette, and there wasn't any notification of an error.


I'd appreciate any information that you can't give me. I don't think that Amazon will accept a return of the printer in it's current state.

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Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi fideauxdon,

First, let's perform a test of your printer.

When you turn your G5020 on, please make sure there are no errors on the display of your printer.

Next, please press the wrench and screwdriver button on your printer one time.

Repeatedly press the right arrow to select Maintenance and press OK.

Press OK on Nozzle Check.

A test page will print.

If it does not, what error appears on the display of your G5020?




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