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My canon printer 8000s has a hardware error


I had my canon large printer 8000s without printing for a year,


Wen I decided to start using it it gave me a multisensor error, I changed some empty cartridges and the error dissapeared,


Now I have a new problem, the mechanism to feed the paer does not work at all, it does not move the paper an inch, the printer then shows a paper feed error and I get the hardware 03130031-2f16 error.


Please help.... What can I do now?



I have found Hardware error. 03130031-2F16



Turn off printer, wait, then turn on again. Power On Again

Done, several times, same error over and over again



Mist fan error The rotation of the mist fan is not detectable.

1.Check the bundled wires in the mist fan drive circuit.

2. Replace the mist fan unit.


What is the mist fan?, does it have to do with the mehanism that moves the axis that feeds the paper, should I check the wires that are attached to the motor? I need to know what is the mist fan.


Help, thanks I need help!!!!!

Hi estevez!

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I'd say you could just take off the 2 bolts holding the fan on and lay them down, power on the machine and see if they are spinning. Both fans connect to J2701 on the main PCB. If fans are spinning, then you could be looking at a bad sensor connection for fan speed signal or faulty main PCB (as suggested by canon).



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