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My Pixma IP8720 Printer is printing bright Cyan instead of Black


I am printing on High Resolution sticker paper, and have been successfully for the past 6 months that I have had this printer, using all Canon 251 cartridges. It has always worked perfectly. Now, whenever I attempt to print something on high resolution paper (not using the PGBLK cartridge, but the photo quality inks), it does this. 

It will print the less saturated blacks, but not the true, deep black. It replaces that with a bright cyan. Below I have shown what this looks like, as you can see, all the black lines have turned Cyan. 


Here is an example of what my stickers look like when they print correctly. These have a glitter laminate finish on them, but you can see that the lines are black. fearbies_zoomed.jpg

Oddly enough, the printer does print black when I switch the mode to "plain paper". But, then the quality of the print drops significantly and is rendered useless for my purposes. 

I have tried: cleaning the print head nozzles, print head alignment, uninstalling and installing the printer driver, replacing the ink cartridges. None of this has worked. 




Hello, This could be an issue with the printer's color profile settings or a malfunctioning print head. Ensure you're using the correct color profile for the sticker paper. If the issue persists despite standard troubleshooting (like cleaning print heads and replacing cartridges), consider contacting the printer manufacturer's support or exploring professional maintenance.


Did you run a nozzle check after you ran the head cleaning?

John Hoffman
Conway, NH

1D X Mark III, Many lenses, Pixma PRO-100, Pixma TR8620a, LR Classic