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Pizza Wheel (perforation dots) on glossy prints...TWO printers! MP560 and TS9520


Noticed my Canon MP560 was adding "pizza wheel" marks to my glossy prints.  So I got a new printer, the TS9520, and it is doing the exact same thing.  And I've tried SEVEN different brands of photo paper, as well as glossy sticker paper.  The perforation-looking lines are always present.  Not so on regular paper or even matte photo paper.  Sure hope someone has tips to fix this because it seems kinda silly to have a printer that won't print photos!



Hey there! What software are you using to print your photos? It sounds like it might be some sort of calibration marks?

Hi, printing wirelessly from different applications (Word, Photoshop, etc.).  Tried different images, different paper, new ink, etc.  I've done every maintenance cleaning and tried changing print settings.  Only happens on glossy paper.  Printed the same things on card stock and matte sticker paper, and those came out fine.

By any chance can you upload photo(s) of the "pizza wheel" marks?


It looks like your printer(s) either needs service or replacement.  The marks look like they're coming from the feed mechanism.  In the mid-2000's, I had the same thing with a Lexmark printer, only not quite as bad.

I'd say Canon might be able to give you a discount on a new printer, but you tried 2 different printers.  I have a TR7022a that does nicely with photos.  I know, not convenient, but I don't know what else there is.

Canon printers have a quiet mode.  Not sure if that would make a difference or not.

If you do have to escalate the complaint, "perforation marks" is a better description.  1-800-OK-CANON


Exactly WHAT glossy paper are you using? 

Many different ones.  I've spent a ridiculous amount of money on paper trying to find a solution.  Thick paper, thin paper, Canon paper, off-brand, glossy sticker paper, etc.  It only happens on glossy paper though.