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the MG 2520 is by far the worst Purchase I have ever made, I literally can't believe I actually paid for this thing. I have had it less than 6 months and its useless. First I got it to finally replace my printer I had for over 6 years and I HAVE to have a printer that can print SCAN and copy, which this one said it did. When I got it I tested the scanner and copyier they both worked just fine. Like 3 weeks later it suddenly wont scan, no reason why it all the sudden decided it wasnt going to scan anymore and it is beyond frustrating. I need to scan things for school and that is the entire reason I picked this particular printer. I was told by someone on here I had to download additional drivers to be able to scan which made me a bit angry because I didnt need them to scan at first and now all the sudden I do. But I downloaded them anyway whatever I needed to do to get the stupid thing to scan, an and guess what it still doesnt scan, shocker. Now it has also decided that its not going to print either. Every time I try to print it makes a ton of noise (which it has always done but just longer and with more gusto now) then it spits out a blank page or two and says it has a paper jam. It pops up and says paper jam every single time I try to print even if there is literally NO PAPER IN THE PRINTER! How is there a paper jam if theres 0 paper!!! It is ridiculous! It says paper jam after every single page if you can get it to print anything at all. Now when I turn it on even if there is no paper it Immidately says to clear the paper jam. I have practically taken the thing apart and there is no paper jam. I don't use the printer a ton, few times a week maybe for school stuff, so there is no reason I should already be having so many problems, to the point where it is useless.I was very hopeful when I got it, it worked fine and was a brand name so I figured it would last a long time, but it has just been one huge nightmare. I could have saved $60 and kept my old delapidated one if I had wanted something like this, it though wildly outdated and slightly delapidated still printed. I dont know what to do with this thing, its been more than 30 days so I cant take it back or I would, because its literally useless. 



Give Canon a call at 1-800-OK-CANON

John Hoffman
Conway, NH

1D X Mark III, M200, Many lenses, Pixma PRO-100, Pixma TR8620a, Lr Classic
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