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Maxify GX7020 prints and scans, but won't copy



I have a one month old Maxify GX7020 multifunction printer that will print and scan from multiple Windows 10 PCs, smartphones, and tablets, but will NOT copy.


I can set up a copy from the operator's console and preview the page correctly ... but when you hit the color or black-and-white copy button, the printer seems to scan the page, and then prints a blank page.


I have tried copying from the platten and the ADF (single or dual-sided) and I still get blank pages.


I can scan into the computer the same page, either from the platten or the ADF, and the source document will scan fine.  I can then take the resulting PDF file and print to the printer ... and it prints correctly.


The printer is running version 1.050 and is connected to hard-wired Ethernet.  Printer Wi-Fi or USB connections are not being used.


The printer WAS copying properly several weeks ago using the ADF.  I believe this was before the printer updated its firmware across the network.  I manually logged into the printer and verified the firmware version.


The GX7020 support site indicates that version 1.050 is the latest firmware version.


There is a Windows firmware updater program download available to update the firmware to version 1.050 via a USB connection ... which I did not need to use.  The printer updated the firmware itself, displaying a message on the console for permission to update the firmware ... which took several minutes.  This happened several weeks ago.


I tried turning the printer off using the power button, then disconnecting the power cable for 30 seconds and then reconnecting the power and turning the printer back on ... and no change in symptoms.


I will be calling support Monday morning and asking for a resolution to this problem, or I will be returning the printer that is less than 2 months old. It is an expensive printer and no longer copies.


Any suggestions?