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MX922 will queue up but intermittent printing


I have had the MX 922 for about three months now and about 50% of the prints will print, the other 50% are sent to the printer but do not print.  The print manager just reads "printing". I have to go into the print manager and click "stop" and resume" to get it to print. It is not the connection. I had it connected via ethernet cable and switch it to a USB thinking the cable was the difference. Firmware has been updated.


MAC OSX 10.7.5 mountain lion


Everything works--just this problem and it is annoying.  Any help would appreciated.



I would suggest to give the same print via mobile or tablet to test if the driver software issues. if the same documents prints 100% then time to remove the software and install the updated one.


Since mac the probility could be software problem. As usally the data's are transmitted to the printer for printing but some case it keeps streaming the data till the end of the printing.



Thanks for the suggestion. It has not happend for a while- printing from other deivces etc...but if it does I will try to reinstall software and start again.