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MX860 to print wedding envelopes, size A7.


I have an excel spreadsheet with addresses and names. How do I output them using Word to my MX860 printer? One by one or as a group? How do I set up the paper options?  Can I make the addresses a pretty color?  I've never done envelopes, much less excel, so this is a learning experience. Have a week to figure it all out. 



Hi wegolf,


You would need to import the names and addresses into Microsoft Word from Excel, then you could use the envelopes and label function of Microsoft Word to customize and print the data out.  The printer itself would not perform any of these functions;  it would simply print out what you have configured in the applications. 


We recommend contacting Microsoft for assistance with exporting the data from Excel and importing it into Word, and then customizing the look of the envelope/label data.  Please click here to go to the Microsoft Support Community website.


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For the future, the printer worked quite well.  We did a mail merge of the excel and word.  We did, however, have to print out the envelopes, one by one.  We set the size under custom.  The back envelope slot would hold about 5 envelopes at a time. We ended up printing them in black ink (couldn't figure out colors) and used Lucinda Handwriting in a 16 font.  Once we had it figured out, it went quite fast.


Our biggest problem was adjusting the names when they didn't fit on a line or had an address change.   Those required going back into the excel to make the change and then updating the mail merge before printing. Most of our messed up envelopes were due to this.  Hope this helps future brides and party planners.