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MX532 printer not printing correct from a MAC


I have an MX532 printer.  It prints text just fine.  When I print anything with a graph it only printed the text and not the graph, pictures, etc.  I made a change prior (before I reloaded the OS).  I tried printing from a PDF, our of MS Word with the same results.  Any suggestions would be great.  I would have to get another printer just for this one issue.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi kupiacw,


If you are unable to print graphs or images, it sounds like there is a driver issue or a problem with the color ink getting to the paper.


I would start by printing a nozzle check using the steps provided in the link HERE. The nozzle check should have a bar for cyan, magenta, yellow and black. If the colors are missing, you can try performing a cleaning using the steps in the link HERE. If the colors are still missing, you can try a deep cleaning using the steps HERE. If the color is still missing, it looks like the color tanks needs to be replaced or the printer needs service.


If the color is printing on the nozzle check, it sounds like there might be a driver setting issue. To assist further, I would need to know what version of the Mac or Windows operating system that is on your computer?


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The nozzle check did it.  I ran the check and only the black came up.  I bought a new color cartridge and the new test worked!


Thank you for the help!!