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MX 922 does not recognize the DVD Tray Option for printing


Trying to print on printable DVD. I've reloaded all the Canon drives, Powered on/off, reset, reinstalled the Easy Photo, Easy Photo Editer, the kitchen sink, as well as the dishwasher, on both my mac laptop and the imac.


I hesitate buying other software if the driver is broken or unsupported in El Capitan


The MX922 is networked. Symptoms are the same - does NOT recognize the DVD print option, only the paper printing. I've printed DVD's with this printer prior,but since upgrading the OS, I haven't used the feature.


URGENT I find a solution. I dont' want to print sticky labels for this.



Rising Star

Hi glennmire,


To begin troubleshooting this issue, please remove the printer from the Printers & Scanners list. Add the printer back to the printer list, make sure to select the Canon IJ Network printer listed under KIND. Also, make sure that Canon MX920 series is listed next to USE. After this is confirmed, select ADD. Adding the printer back to the printer list.


Once the printer is added to the Printer & Scanner list, open Easy-Photo Print and attempt to print the CD again.

Completely deleting all of the old MX922 printers, REBOOTING, and reinstalling did the job. Thanks.