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MP980 indicator lights are flashing alternately due to two new ink refills blinking!


My Pixma MP-980 had two low cartridges that needed to be replaced, so I installed new Canon ink cartridges. However, the two full cartridges began to flash a soft red liht on the end of the respective replacements, as if they were empty.


I removed them and cleaned the contact areas of the replacements in an attempt to improve their contact connection when researted in the print heaD. Then I replaced the clean cartridges with an asserted attempt to ensure good and proper reinstallation. But they continued to flash, inspite of my efforts for solid seating with good electrical contact.


After I lowered the top half of the printer, closing the access to the ink area, the usual and normal steady-on blue indicator light, which indicates the printer is on and in working order, began to blink on and off alternatively with an amber warning light that came on to indicate there is a malfunction occurring within the printer. So now the printer will not operate and I am at a loss as to what I shoud do next.


Any ideas or recommendations will be greatly appreciated.




Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello Escargot.


So we can better assist you, please tell us what exact error code shows on the LCD display of the printer when printing fails.


Also, tell us the exact labels of the two new ink tanks and specify if the tanks were manually refilled or if they were brand new and sealed before they were installed.


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