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I need to turn OFF all wifi and bluetooth on this printer. Does anyone know how to do this? I use a desktop iMac if that matters. 


Product Expert
Product Expert
Hi. Thank you for your question. You can disable the printer’s Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) function by doing the following: 1. Turn the printer on. 2. From the Home screen, use the Easy-Scroll Wheel to select the SETTINGS icon (tools), and then press the OK button. 3. Use the Easy-Scroll Wheel to select DEVICE SETTINGS, and then press OK. 4. Use the Easy-Scroll Wheel to select LAN SETTINGS, and then press OK. 5. Make sure that WLAN ACTIVE/ INACTIVE is selected, and then press OK. 6. Use the Easy-Scroll Wheel to select DISABLE, and then press OK. More information about making changes to the printer settings can be found in this article: The MP560 cannot be detected via Bluetooth unless you have purchased a BU-30 adapter and have it connected to the USB port on the front of the printer. If the BU-30 adapter is connected, you can disconnect. More information on using the printer with Bluetooth can be found on this web article. Thanks again.

Thank you so much! That did the trick. I so appreciate you getting back to me with simple instructions. Thank you!