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MP510 drivers


I purchased a new HP Prodesk, and was trying to connect my (old) Cannon Printer MP510 to it. I downloaded the drivers from the Canon website - except I am not sure those are drivers. Two computers will not recognize the MP510 - and when I try to point the Device Manager to the driver location, that doesn't work. 


This product is only supported via the web, but I was unable to find anything to address this issue. 


Ant help would be appreciated. 


Going to try yet another reboot.  






HP Prodesk running W10? <<


If yes, windows 8.1 drivers will likely work, but might have some limitations (cannot say for sure)


MP510 Printer supports USB and Bluetooth connections.


Suggestion for USB devices:

Always install the drivers first, Before connectiong the device.  Trying to do it after the fact by pointing a non functioning device listed in Device Manager (especially a printer) doesn't always go smoothly.  


What might help:


Remove the device manually in Device Manager

Disconnect the printer from USB

Install the drivers above and follow the prompts for install and connection.


If that doesn't work, or you have installed incorrect drivers previously:


Use system restore and go back a few days.  Date prior to the failed installation attempt.


Now follow the steps above.  



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