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MP250 - Printing black


Hello everyone,

I wonder if anyone can help with my printer settings please.

I want to print a business flyer that has some black in the design using my MP250.

I am printing on A5 paper and would like borderless and "standard" quality print, so that I don't use up too much ink.

The only way I am getting deep black with standard quality print is by choosing "business document" in the printer settings, but then this cancels the borderless setting.  

If I choose again borderless printing from the "page setup" tab it then asks for a paper type and ends up printing in high quality.

I have tried all sorts of combinations but I cannot find how to print a deep black (not dark grey) using standard quality and borderless printing.  I don't know what causes "business document" to print a proper black colour, but that is what I need.

Can anyone help?