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MP Navigator wont activate scanner on my MP270 printer.


Hello.  I hope someone can help.


I am using the MP270 printer on my MacBook; OS X v 10.6.8.


I can print documents so I know my USB connection is OK.


When I press the scan button an error box appears saying that my computer cannot start MP Navigator EX. When I click on MP Navigator EX program within the Canon Utilities folder, the same error message appears.


The MP Navigator EX is the 3.0 version.  I can see this is an old version so I have uploaded the 3.5 version and followed the installation process.  It says it has successfully installs.  But it is no where to be seen and when I search for it the 3.0 version is the only version.  Even when I delete it, and then follow the 3.5 version installation process, the 3.0 re-appeared within the Canon Utilities folder.


What am I doing wrong here people?


JamesScreen shot 2014-01-30 at 19.10.07.png