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MG7720.. scanning, will not scan entire item


Trying to scan a drawing, the item is 5.5" x 7"

the scanner will not scan the entire drawing... it puts a broken line around an area and will not scan the rest

attached, pic of settings and result...

the little square on the right below "Letter" moves the square around but it will not go away...


it did not do this previously


Help! I needed to work on this today and I cannot finish without the scan


Canon MG7720 scan problem 11-2016.JPG



I tried changing the settings in Scan Gear, found on another page

changing "calibration settings execute at every scan to "ON"

"cropping frame on previewed image" to none


didn't work...

change size to flexible, then it won'tgive me a letter size page

I need to be able to control the scan area, it cuts parts of the art off...

but it did manage to get the entire image


what is the problem?

why can't I just scan a letter size area without arguing with the scanner every time...? and losing...


and why does it take so long for "my image garden to open"

my old printer/scanner, was never so much work... this machine makes beautiful scans and prints but it really makes me work for it... sigh... and no where near enough material to understand what each setting is... no where that I have found... Canon MG7720 scan problem 11-2016 2.JPG