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MG7520 driver/software not Big Sur compatible?


My new MacBook Pro just updated to Big Sur.  It recognizes and can print to our Pixma MG7520, I assume via our home WiFi network or maybe AirPrint.  But today I went to scan a photo for editing on the Mac, and realized that apparently only the printer side of the Canon is recognized by the computer.  I was dissappointed a few weeks ago when I discovered I couldn't use my great 2008 CanoScan 8800F with the Mac without buying a costly aftermarket driver, which I don't really want to do.


When I go to Canon's website to check for driver and/or software downloads, the site doesn't have a Big Sur option.  I tried downloading what was offered for earlier OS but it goes to Error when I try installing.   I had few issues connecting to the machine with my Windows computers, XP, Vista, and W10, and my 3 iPads print to it when it's selected on them.  Never tried or have need to scan to an iPad, just printing photos and documents from them.


What do I need to do to scan into the new MacBook?



Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi hafcanadian,


The PIXMA MG7520 is not supported with macOS v11 (Big Sur).  You are eligible for Canon's Upgrade Program. This is for out of warranty units which have been diagnosed to require service, or for some reason are incompatible with a new or upgraded system. This option allows you a one-time opportunity to purchase a replacement product, discounted from the list price.

To help you get up and running quickly, we also offer free standard shipping (if the order is completed by 12:30PM ET). If you would like to take part in this option, please call our Sales Department at (866) 443-8002 weekdays and Saturdays after 11 AM ET (8 AM PT). Let them know you have been working with technical support and the Canon Upgrade Program was offered.




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No, I'm tired of the printhead issues and costly ink.  My 4th Canon in less than 10 years.  They just waste too much ink, and frustratingly make us wait too long too often while the head cleans.  Our Brother color laser multifunction is turning out to be a better investment, although it's not intended for high quality photos.  When the MG7520 printhead quits, as the other 3 Canons' did, I'll look for other brand options for our pix.


Gave up and installed the $90 VueScan software. It solved my scanning to Mac issues with both our MG7520 and our CanoScan 8800F. It’s better designed for the novice than Canon’s, and yet includes features a more advanced user would appreciate. There’s not the complicating MP Navigator, the Creative Park program/image garden that I’ve never used or had time to explore, or the befuddling “Quick Menu” and “Image Display” that crowds the desktop and that I only partly ever sorted out. That said, the Canon software covers both my Canon camera efforts as well as scanning and probably printing. My point is the VueScan is scanner dedicated and simply easier to use, without complicating menus to travel before getting to your task. And no waiting... it often takes my older Windows Vista or W10 units some time to bring up each sub program. Admittedly that may be more a function of the computer’s “engine” than Canon’s software. On the other hand, some features of Canon’s programs regularly come and go... a very aggravating habit.

An issue I always have had trouble with using Canon software, reconfiguring a scanned image to fit a different photo size for reprinting, is almost automatic with VueScan. It was great! And it was my first use of the software, resizing for my sister-in-law an old high school photo of my brother who passed away last year. I’ll probably download the VueScan to my old Windows computers too.

Wait. So you're telling me a third party is supporting a product that Canon won't? Hmmm, fancy that. I have loved my Canon 8800F since I purchased it, and have recommended it to friends in family who purchased it as well. Now it's a brick, as far as Canon is concerned.

Try the VueScan.  There is a trial version but it places an overlay of "VueScan" on images so you can't print them cleanly.  Using it, however, gives you an idea of how easy it is to work.  I got the more expensive option because I may yet use the slide scanning capability of my 8800F, and that version can do slides and more.  You may not need such features and the lower cost VueScan software could suffice.  At first I balked at the cost, but considering the options of tossing 2 more Canon machines, buying new ones, and having those go unsupported and extinct a few years from now, plus how much easier the VueScan software was, the expense ultimately seemed the better choice.

Thanks so much, this is exactly what I did. The interface is fantastic and much more intuitive, IMO, than Canon's, too, so that's a plus. It's just really maddening that Canon refuses to support their own products. I'm certainly not eager to replace my MG6120 printer, which also doesn't work with Big Sur (no AirPrint) with another Canon.


I was having the same issue. In a desperate attempt to have my Macbook use our mg7520 as a scanner thru Image Capture, I found this:


1. Scroll down until you see Drivers & Downloads

2. Click on   ICA Driver Ver. 4.1.3a (Mac)   dated 10/02/20

3. The dmg file I installed is:        misd-mac-ijscanner14f-4_1_3-ea21_3.dmg


It worked for me even if the Macbook I am using is on Big Sur. The drop down shows it is detecting Catalina as my OS, and I didnt change it to see if this will work around the dead end when you choose Big Sur instead. It worked for me.

Disclaimer... I know nothing about technology except for the common everyday uses of common people (email, browsing, printing). This worked for me though. Just want to help and I am not sure if this link is indeed from Canon. But it works for what I needed it to. I hope it helps whoever else is in need of it.

I got VueScan when photoshop elements no longer supported scanning. It’s great. I paid one price and it will upgrade for life it even works on a canon scanner I have that is probably 20 years old. So my scanning on my MG7520 is fine. I always liked the MG7520 it’s a beautiful burnt orange, the pictures were great. I’ve had it for six years no problems. It’s problem is with printing that recently began when I did the most recent Big Sur upgrade I tell it to print a webpage and the printer messes up royally. The text is off center and there are big blocks of black ink. That’s one problem. The other is it only wants to print jpgs in a slow best glossy paper mode. If I try to change the paper to plain or matt it gives me a code 2112. I have to hit OK and “go ahead with the paper that’s in the tray” to get it to print from Photos at all. Suck suck goes the ink. So what can I do? Buy a new Epson?
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