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MG6120 Had an Error - Replacement printer recommendations


I received the error UO51/52 Error Code with the print head.  I cleaned the print head multiple times but still the machine doesn't work.  

Here is the problem - I have a bunch of ink cartridges for the MG6120 (PGI-225/CL
I-226).  I am now in the market for a new printer and unfortunately have all these ink cartridges I never used.  I would like to find which canon printers these might work in but I don't know how to search which new printers that canon sells would actually accept these older ink cartridges?  The one on Canon's page that lists them are all from 2011 and I would rather future proof the printer than get a 12 year old printer.  

I saw the ink tank printers and while they are super economical and environmentally friendly - I am worried about the ink tank clogging or the print head not working because we honestly don't print that often.  

I am fine with going with an Epson or HP as well but just want a company that doesn't use "planned obsolescence" to get more money.  Would appreciate the help!



Thanks for letting us know what Canon product you've got. The PIXMA MG6120 is an older model which we have retired. While that means that Canon USA no longer offers direct support for it, your friends here in the Canon Community are welcome to offer suggestions!

You can also speak with a Canon Upgrade Program specialist to help you score a modern replacement that would meet your current needs at a discount. You can reach them weekdays and Saturdays at 1-866-443-8002.

Hope this helps!

Had a similar experience with with an MX922, did a pro clean of the head and it prints but all print appears with a double shadow.  Bought a MG2525 to get by until I decided if a new head might work and the new one quit as well, will not print at all.  I could not register the new one, got a message saying it was not a USA serial #, I have a post on this forum regarding that.  Whatever I do, it will not include Canon.  As far as your unused ink, take it as a lesson learned, maybe sell them on craigslist or marketplace.  Good luck.

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