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Just bought a Pixma MG5750 to replace my broken MG5350    Very pleased  One thing I have noticed is that the 5750 seems to self clean more often than my old 5350 did.  Maybe because its new  I only ask because before my 5350 I had an Epson that stopped working long before its working life was over because the resevoir that takes he waste ink when cleaning got full and there was no cheap or easy way to fix it. 


When should the MG5750 automatically run a self clean?  Checked the Firmware and its up to date. lady on the Canon Chat line suggested it was a bug but offered no solution other than check the firmware  



Hi, Borderboy!

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Have had the MG5750 for several months, no problems. Suddenly, the SCAN button doesn't work anymore. I press scan, the screen says: " Processing... Please wait momentarily"  but the scanner never turns on. 

I am hooked directly to the PC with a USB cable. Printing works no problem. 

I am able to scan using the IJ SCAN Utility tool (which I discovered after much research) but cannot scan using the scan button on the printer like I did before. 

I have updated all the drivers...


Would appreciate being able to use the machine as it was designed to be used, if anybody has some suggestions. 


Much Thanks in advance! Smiley Happy



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