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MG5750: scan error 2,157,50


Since one day cannot scan anymore from any device in my home network.


I try to use the IJ Scan Utility, the scan process starts, but transferring the data to the PC fails.If I start the scan from the printer interface, it is starting the software on the PC, but also not transferring data. After half a minute I see the error 2,157,50.


I have reset the network, reset the whole printer, switched off the Win10 firewall, the printer has a fixed IP. I can ping the printer, I can open the WebUI of the printer, I can print.


As I wrote, until yesterday all was fine on several PCs, today broken on all. Even via the iPhone app the same problem appears, so for sure it is not the windows firewall.

I am using a Fritzbox router.


Some notice: Yesterday my ink finished, and printing was not working, too. Now the cartridges are fresh and printing is working again. But maybe the printer is still somehow blocked?