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MG3600 series printing issue: blank pages for photos


Hello. I recently moved and successfully synced my printer with my computer and the wifi.  However, my printer is no longer printing pictures.  It will read that it is connected to the printer but when it feeds the photo paper, it hesitates then spits it right out with nothing on the paper.  I have printed successfully a word document and a page from the internet with words but not a picture. It even will spit out a normal plain paper when trying to print a photo. Any advice to get this back up and running properly?


Thank you!



Product Expert
Product Expert



If you are using a brand new color cartridge, make sure that the bright orange tape has been removed from the bottom of the cartridge.  Try performing some cleanings to see if this will get the color ink to print correctly again.  Visit the following link for details:


MG3600 Online Manual - If Printing Is Faint or Uneven

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Hi! Thank you.  


I haven't put in a new color cartridge or any for that matter as the ink is still plentiful in both the color and black.  The issue is it literally will not print any picture. The rollers bring the paper in, it hesitates then spits out the paper with nothing on it,  If I print out a doculent with just words, no issues at all.  I thought maybe it was the paper, but the text works on both normal and photo paper.


It also is having an alighment issue. 


Neither of these two were issues prior to relocating and onto a new wireless network.


I am running everything on a mac os sierra 


Thank you!

I am having the same issue. I can print text just fine, but no images, regardless of format. I have done a cleaning, alignment, everything. Nothing is helping with the images printing. If I cannot get this resolved, I will be forced to buy another printer and it won't be Canon, because I have not seen a single resolution for this issue online.

I have the same issue. I am trying to print out a PDF with images. All the text and even some of the shape/box holders are printing, but none of the actual images in the file. This is extremely frustrating.


Same issue here. Printing documents is fine so obviously not an issue with the cartridges or ink flow. I just get blank pages when trying to print images. I've tried re-installing the printer, including drivers but no changes. Very frustrating!


I found the solution for using Adobe Reader here:

Basically, find a way to "print it as a photo". I am on an older Mac, so I opened the .pdf file in Photos and was able to print it successfully through there--- except that it only 'exported' one of two pages. So I ended up downloading  Adobe Reader for mac, and the link's solution works: Print>Advanced>Print as Image.

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