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MG2522 Gifted and Won't Work


I was given a Canon Pixma MG2522 a few days ago. It came without its box but has the instructions and ink cartridges. I was so excited to receive this printer as it was set to replace the exact same make and model printer that I had bought years before. I plugged it in and it made a weird grinding noise which would seem to indicate that there is a problem on the hardware level. Simultaneously, I received an error message that said the printer would need to be addressed by Canon personnel.

I am currently in chemotherapy for cancer and do not have the finances to afford additional expenses, the energy to talk on the phone, or the fortitude to flip through multiple hoops so I found an email address and sent a short email about the problem which, of course, has gone unnoticed. Is there no way I can get some help for this device that won't have me on the phone or spending money that I can't afford?




The printer has a 1 yr warranty.  Proof of purchase is required regardless of how it was received.  This is the only way to establish the warranty period.  

You can register the printer online at MyCanon 


Once registered and with > proof of purchase, you can open a support case via email or phone.     

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