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MG2150 Pixma - flashing orange triangle on the display + stripes on the paper, not full color




please how do i reset or fix the printer MG2150 which is flashing and then lighting orange triangle on the display after start?


E 1 6 is also flashing on the display.


SOLVED: Then per this tutorial i have turned it on, wait like 15 seconds , hold the STOP/CANCEL button for at least 5 seconds, and it cleared this error that is said to prevent printing because of low ink level. Now two orange leds B and C are flashing, not sure what that means).



Yet the printer started printing, but the full color page has stripes, even i did cleaning and deep cleaning and printing like 10 full colored pages.


Which makes me not to recommend these bubble printers to anyone. Do you have any suggestion on how to make it printing well? I already tried to remove the cartridge and use in cleaner on the metalic parts and i see the cyan, magenta and yelow are emited when i stick the fabric with the cleaner to it.



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