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Issue with Print Quality on Pixma iP8720 (Possibly related to driver)


Hi, all, I'm back almost a year to the day with almost the same problem: my photo prints aren't coming out as "crisp" and clear as they used to. I haven't changed any settings, I'm using Canon brand ink and paper, I've run all the cleaning cycles, and none of my ink cartridges are low.

I have:

Canon Pixma iP8720

Windows 11

When I had this problem before, I resolved it by uninstalling everything on my desktop computer related to my printer (the whole software package), then reinstalling ONLY the driver and Canon's "My Printer" program. That did the trick, somehow.

Then I upgraded to Windows 11 a few months ago and the problem returned, so I went back to Windows 10 and it resolved itself... until this week. I did what I did before and uninstalled EVERYTHING related to Canon, only installed My Printer and the driver... and that didn't fix it. I updated to Windows 11 thinking maybe something had changed with the driver, no luck. My images still aren't printing as crisp.

It's a really subtle difference, but I make prints of my artwork to sell so quality does matter. I'm just at a complete loss where to go from here. Is there a setting that changed, something I need to look for?

As a side issue, when I install the driver, I have it set to connect to the printer via USB (my wifi is unreliable). The printer driver set-up program can't seem to connect to my printer via USB, so the only way I can get it working is by finding the driver via My Printer's Diagnose and Repair feature.


Any suggestions are really appreciated, thanks so much!