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Images printing green on PIXMA TR8620a


Hi everyone, I have a brand new PIXMA TR8620a, it's no more than 3 months old. It wanted me to replace the ink cartridges, which I just replaced everything since I had extra ink. After changing them out, all my photos now print with a bad green tint to them. No settings have been changed; nothing has changed except for the fact that I put new ink in. I even switched the new inks with a completely different set to see if maybe they were bad, and the same issue is happening. Out of curiosity I put the cartridges that came with the printer back in, and still printed green. 


I've tried playing around with the color management but everything makes it worse. It's not even letting the white of the paper show through, everything is grey and muddled and the colors aren't vibrant like they were just a few days ago.


Out of desperation I printed photos from my iPad camera roll directly to the printer. Those printed *almost* perfectly, but the colors were still slightly off. When I print from my iPad's Canon app, or my desktop, they're green and muddled again.


I did a firmware update on the printer to see if that would help, and it did not. I'm just at a complete loss because I didn't change ANYTHING between when my photos printed fine and after changing the ink. Any help would be so appreciated.



I just bought the same Canon and its do the exact same thing. Tan - browns etc all print green - or shades of green. Ive done everything you have to no avail. It was printing fine - then bam. now it all has tints of green! 

Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi SoraRitsuka,

Please load letter-sized paper in the cassette of your PIXMA TR8620a and follow these steps:

1.  Please tap the gear at the bottom of the display of your PIXMA TR8620a.

2.  Tap Maintenance.

3.  Tap Print nozzle check pattern and then Yes.

Please compare your printout with the example below.

At the top of the page that printed, did a black grid print to the right of |PGBK| ?

Below that, did 2 blue, 2 pink, 1 yellow and 1 gray bars print?


TR8620 Nozzle Check.jpg

This procedure can be viewed in the manual here:






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I've printed the nozzle check pattern and it comes out perfectly. I've cleaned and deep cleaned the inks, printed test pages, and everything is fine. It's only when I print an image from my desktop or canon app on my ipad that the colors come out entirely wrong.

I've also noticed that when I choose "glossy photo paper" when printing, the colors look the worst; muddy, dark, and flat. Even though when choosing this option in weeks leading up to changing my inks, this option never gave me any issues. When I choose "plain paper", the colors come out closer to how they should, but still look off.

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