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ImageClass MF4880 DW paper size format error




I was testing out my new printer today. I did all the configs properly, print tasks are sent from my desktop (Windows 7 x64) fine.


Problem being: I was trying the printer out by printing simple recipies out from Microsoft Word. By default, Word uses A4 format for its layout. When I make it print, it DOES print... but the scaling is, well, out of scales. For instance, my one page document which fits perfectly on one page with a 4,5 centimeters bottom border on screen (and on paper with my old HP printer) now only leaves a 1 centimeter bottom border on my MF4880dw, while leaving the same top border as on screen / my old printer did.


After printing, the printer shows an error message saying:

"Format/settings incorrect:
Settings on PC: A4"


I never had any problem like that on any printer. I'm using ordinary all usage letter format paper, which always worked fine on every printer I've used before.


I tried to adjust settings both on computer and printer; and nothing changes anything but manually setting word on letter format and remaking all page layout from scratch. Thing is, I have something like a hundred documents already made with the default A4 layout and don't want to correct them all to fit the printer demands; this is not supposed to be a problem.


Any solutions are welcome; I tried searching the web, but apparently there is no thread about something like this and forums about specific printer problems are pretty sparse.



Oh, well. It seems I found a solution to my problem, so if anyone want to try it out, feel free to do so:


I went in the default printer settings, which, in Windows 7, are found in the "Printers and periphericals", directly on the side of the start menu. Then, right-click on the printer and select Options.


You should have a bunch of settings, including something in the lines of "Output format". Choose letter, press apply, and enjoy. My printer does everything right, now.