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IP4200 printer problem. Missing every second line of colour when prining in standard quality.


Hi All.  New user to this forum.  I have an IP4200 printer which started acting up a couple of weeks ago.  The in tanks seemed to be leaking from one to another contaminating a couple of the tanks.  Googled for info and found that this is a common occurance with this older printer.  Ordered a new carriage / printhead and now I am getting lines of missing colour when I print a test pattern of solid colours. Happens on all the colour bars but the black is OK.  This only happens when printing in standard qualty mode.  Whne printing high quality, the prinout is perfect.

Any one have any idea why this is happening.  I have tried printing from Win 7 and Win 10 with same results.


Thanks for any elp or suggestions.



Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi videoed,


There is a clear strip on the inside of your printer, behind the print carriage.  It extends the width of the back of the printer.  If you are able to access it, it is recommended that this is cleaned.


For an example of this, please use this link (it is not the same model, but the steps are similar):







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Thanks for your reply.  This problem does not appera to affect my printer.  I did check the timing strip as well as the feed timing wheel.  This did not fix it.  My problem is that when I print in standard mode there are bands of colour missing in the vertical direction.  A band of colour and then white and another band of colour, about 3 to 4 mm wide. This happens with all the colours in the solid pattern I created in Photoshop. When prining in the high quality mode it looks perfect.  This somewhat visable in the printer test print as well although not as pronounced. There seems to be no way to send along a scan of the results but if you think you may know what is happening I can upload a scan to my dropbox for you. 

This started happening when I installed a new print carriage / printhead.. The old one was causing the inks to mix in the head and contaminated the colours so it would not print clean colours.

Thanks Again


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