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I have a Canon iP4700 printer that has just malfunctioned and I cannot resolve the problem.


I have a Canon iP4700 printer that has malfunctioned and I can't resolve the problem. The GREEN power light comes on and then the ORANGE error light blinks and the two lights alternate in blinking. I have tried the TROUBLESHOOTING tips, but still am unable to clear the problem. At one point, I did receive an ERROR CODE: 6A80.  I would appreciate any assistance that anyone can offer.



Hi johnnyiebuck,


With the error your printer is experiencing, please turn off the printer, unplug the power cord from the back and leave it out for at least 10 minutes, then plug it back in and turn it back on.  If you still experience the same issue, the printer will unfortunately require servicing to resolve the issue.  Please click on the Contact Us link below to be provided with your service options.


If this is a time-sensitive matter, additional support options are available at Contact Us.


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I had the same problem with a 3 year old iP4700 recently ie alternate flashing green/amber lights..

Rather than just getting a new printer I tried to open it up and during this I tugged the printer head along to its printing position. When I plugged back in as before this had resolved the problem (which may have occured because I had been away for some time and it may have become "stuck", rather like car brakes.)

Otherwise perhaps the  (fairly gentle) manhandling may have altered something.

This naive solution due to the mechanics rather than the electronics may not make much sense, but something worked!