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I beleive I was just scammed from your website as I was trying to install my cannon printer.


I was trying to install my cannon computer.  Setup instructions told me to go to scam site link removed I did and went to install the software, i was unable to do so and I got a popup message telling me not to try again but to call scam info removed which i did and they wanted to access my computer to help me, which they did.  They told me i had foreign people logging into my computer ID and they needed to install an ID blocker before they could install my printer charged me 349.00.  I has a feeling but didn't follow through with hanging up on them.  I needed my printer installed which they did help with.   Check your website, someone is using it to send people to this scammer.  he called me back from scam info removed.   and invoiced me from scam info removed



Hi. The link you typed is incorrect. It should be You typed tj and not ij. This was not our Canon USA technical support. We're removing your incorrect information here on the forum. 

sorry removing scam link so no one uses in error

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