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How to uninstall the FAX and leave only the printer on a Pixma MX870 on Windows 10


I would like to uninstall the Pixma MX870 fax.  I tried to just remove the device and it will be removed.  But it doesn't stay removed.  The next time I Boot the computer, the MX870 FAX has been reinstalled.  I also tried removing the FAX drivers, but no luck, the next time I boot, there the FAX is again.  Does anyone know how to eliminate the FAX from the installation of the MX870 software?  If I want to send a FAX, I just send it manually from the MX870, so I really don't need the 'extra' device showing up in the 'select a printer' dialog window.



Hi wd5hyq.

If the Fax entry keeps showing up even after it's been removed, then it's being added back by the Windows Discovery settings.  You'll need to refer to Microsoft's support (non-Canon link: ) for directions on disabling/limiting network discovery.


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Well,  I tried turning off the network discovery and that didn't fix the problem, but I have found a work around.  I renamed the Canon Fax to '.'   and the . pretty much makes it disappear from the printer selection window.   So it is still there but it is now pretty much un named and invisible.