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How do paper settings change the color or quality settings for all printers? any tips for TS6220?


I have a TS6220 printer which I have just setup and wish I had a couple more settings to play around with. I do see that I can change the paper settings for the front and rear trays. For example:


Pro Luster, Plus Semi-gloss, Glossy Matte, Cardstock etc.


I assume these will change how much ink, print head distance etc. Has anyone explored in more detail the differences for each of the settings, or have you found specific paper settings that you like?


Do any of the settings effect the resolution or detail quality of the prints other than restricting ink bleeding?


Do any settings effect the resolution beyond the Draft, Normal, Best settings available in the print dialog?


Any other "secret" tips that you have found for the TS6220 that you'd like share? or general tips for improving and controlling print quality?


thanks in advance!



Hi, JRM!


So the community can help you best, we'll need to know which operating system (macOS or Windows) and version you're using on your computer. It might also be pertinent to know whether you're connecting via WiFi or USB. 

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Thanks and have a great day!

Hi Stephen


Thanks for the response. The TS6220 printer is connected via USB, and running on Mac Mojave 10.14

Product Expert
Product Expert



The media type selection affects how the ink is distributed on the paper.  It is recommended to choose the the closest matching media type option to ensure the best quality and to reduce any possibilities of banding on your prints. 


The quality options (Draft, Normal, Best) ultimately affect the amount of ink that is used during a print.  The higher the quality setting is, the more ink saturation.  The media type and quality settings work together to determine the resolution.


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thank you, Michael



I installed GutenPrint (just being curious) and it appears that some of the auto settings are accessible in greater detail. I haven't had the time to try anything and I don't know if I ever will go beyond the normal driver. But it's such a nice little printer and its good to know that the possibility exists.





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