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How can I print using canvas type paper on my PIXMA pro 100?


Has anyone used Epson canvas paper on a PIXMA pro 100 printer?  I don't believe Canon makes canvas paper,or I would use it.




Hi, Steve! Did you get an answer to your question? I purchased the Pro 100 yesterday, and I'm hoping to print on canvas at some point.


I have successfully printed on cavas using my Canon Pro 100 printer.  To keep initial cost down, I purchased a pad of 12" x 16"  Fredrix canvas at an art shop.  I next needed to down load a printer profile for cavas for my pro 100 printer.  This must be selected when printing on canvas.  You will follow the printer directions, and you will then five the canvas a through pass for printing; this is due to the thickness of the media.   I printed 11.8" by 16.8" and wrapped on 1/2" frame.  This is real canvas in that comes in the pad, and as such can be stretch on frame. The results were very nice and the cost a fraction of same size at photo shop.  For the price, I have be very pleased with this printer.



I printed some canvas paper (13x19 Crystaline Satin from Breathing Color -  and it printed beautifully on the Pixma Pro 100.  I used the Fine Art Papers / Canvas settings and also set the head to minimize abrasion in the maintenance section.  It worked fine, but I found my paper size selections were limited and I needed to leave a fairly large border on the image.  I would like to print full-bleed on the 13x19 piece of canvas paper and figure this might work if I lie to the printer and tell it I'm using standard 13 x 19 matte paper.  Will doing so run the risk of jamming something up trying to print to the edge with this canvas paper?