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Help choosing printer


I'm so frustrated right now. I can't tell you how many printers I have been through the years. I don't use a printer often, but some times I put some paper through it. The last time I used my printer, I had to  replace all 4 or 5 ink cartridges, I printed three pages, and then it sat quietly for about three months, and when I turned it back on, it said all 5 cartridges were empty. They were not empty, they ink had dried in the tiny little holes.

Other times, I have put a new cartridge (or both the black and color), and get 20 pages before the black is empty, and another 5 before the color is empty even though I only printed black and white. How do you us the color when printing black and white.

I am wondering if a cheaper toner printer would be better. I don't see that drying up. If your glue bottle dries up in the spout, you can take a nail  or screw and clean it out, not with an inkjet printer. Between the cost of replacing a dried up inkjet cartridge (or5) when there is still good ink in it, and only  getting 20 pages before running out, I'm ready to start throwing printers. I can't afford to buy a toner printer and it only cost me more than the inkjet. If it will solve my problems, I have no problem buying one. But I'm not going to throw away money just to find out, or just in case.

Can anyone tell me something that will help?